Hearing services we provide:

 Diagnostic Testing:

Otoscopy – A visual examination of your ears and ear canals.

Pure-Tone Audiometry – A behavioral test that is used to gauge hearing sensitivity, which determines the softest sound you can hear. It provides us with a degree and type of hearing loss (Sensorineural, conductive or mixed).

Speech Audiometry – Measures your ability to discriminate or understand speech.

Tympanometry – Tests the mobility of the eardrum and conduction of the middle ear bones.

Acoustic Reflexes–Measures the effectiveness of your acoustic reflexes elicited by acoustic stimulus.

Cerumen Management- The removal of ear wax.


Dr. Marc E. Kramer specializes in Ear, Nose and Throat, Head and Neck, and Facial Plastics. Otolaryngologist on staff for your medical needs, by appointment.  

Tinnitus Evaluation and Treatment:

Tinnitus is the sensation of hearing a ringing, humming, buzzing or other sounds in the ear, without an external stimulus. We evaluate your perceived handicap with a questionnaire and perform a tinnitus match evaluation; we are able to use this information to monitor your progress.  We discuss possible causes and lifestyle changes to decrease the intensity and occurrence of your tinnitus. We offer different treatment options; such as amplification and/or a tinnitus masker.

Dispense and Programming Hearing Aid

We dispense the top manufactures of innovative technology. Hearing aids range in style, levels of technology and price point. Our trained audiologists will review your lifestyle, degree and type of hearing loss to determine which manufacture, level of technology and style is best suited for you.

Hearing aid checks and servicing:

Your hearing devices are services by our audiologists for the lifetime of the hearing aid. Our goal is to have you hearing to the best of your ability, and therefore our programming services are part of all hearing aid purchases.  

Assisted Listening Devices (ALD):

We offer a wide variety of ALDs including: Bluetooth devices, fire alarms, telephones, alarm clocks and more, to aid in improving communication. 

Hearing Conservation Solutions:

Custom-made plugs for musicians, shooting and hunting, surfers, and for swimmers.